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 We Specialize in High-Risk and Domestic Violence
Supervised Visitation & Exchange

Experienced Guardian ad Litem, Domestic Violence Advocate, Court Appointed Special Advocate, Public Schools Para Educator, and Washington State Certified Professional Guardian Supervisors Available

Experienced in all family law matters: parental conflict, neglect and dysfunction, substance abuse, flight risks, parental alienation, anger and control issues, cultural values, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and family reunification. 

In working with incapacitated persons, CFS is highly trained and experienced in elder abuse, respecting personal space, client's substituted judgment, stages of dementia, and misdirected anger.

Supervised Visitation Network Certification Program Award 

Call For More Information - 253.927.4331

If you are researching a supervising agency, it is always recommended that you always request a resume or CV to verify their qualifications. 
Please contact us if you are interested in using our agency and we will forward a copy of our CV for your review.

All calls & e-mails returned within 24 hours.



  • For Children:
    Visitations are supervised at all times by qualified, professional, and experienced staff.  CFS also provides reunification visits for parents residing outside or within Washington State or those recently released from incarceration.

  • For Visiting Parents:
    We offer a
     flexible schedule that enables you to spend quality time with your children. We ensure the safety of all parties by supervising the transfer of your children. You will not come into contact with the other parent.

  • For Custodial Parents:
    We ensure your children's safety and well-being during visits when there are alcohol, physical and/or sexual abuse issues, or high levels of conflict between the parents.

  • For Legal Counsel/GAL/Court Reports:
    Our visitation reports are limited to observations.  Reports do not include recommendations, mental health evaluations, prognosis,
     or parenting suggestions; however; CFS will provide parenting guidance and assistance if requested by the GAL or is court ordered.  







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 If you have a court order for supervised visitation ask your attorney about making a referral to
Community Family Services.

 Or contact our office and we will be happy to make the arrangements for you.


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